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SIM Only Deals This September

Purchasing a new phone on an agreement is the easy option. However, paying for that particular phone upfront and having a SIM-only deal results in a better financial sense. A SIM-only plan is a deal that includes minutes, texts and data. This means that SIM-only deals are much cheaper compared to the standard phone contracts. They provide immense flexibility to any individual who does not need a new device. By not including your phone in the deal, you can frequently score ridiculous amounts of text, call minutes and data.

With a SIM-only deal, you can even get unlimited data, text and minutes at lower prices. If your previous phone contract comprised of a headset, the monthly payment you have been making includes the payback of your phone itself. When your contract comes to an end after the two years, it means you should absolutely look for a new phone deal otherwise you will start paying for something that you have already paid for.

Going for a SIM-only deal is now the only cheap and popular option. With most flagship phones available that last for long and cost much to purchase, having that freedom to select a cheap SIM deal at the end of your 24-month contract is ideal. This deal also makes it more affordable to purchase new phones if you are planning to work with new free phones. Below you will find the best SIM deals whether you like talking, texting or always online. If your contract is almost ending or you are out of contract, and you have an option to switch, there’s no reason to pay more, and there are cheaper options. Here are the SIM-only plans available in September 2018.

Mobiles. CO. UK

If you are planning to stray away from purchasing through the SIM network itself, this SIM-only deal has various fantastic plans for you. The deals are made much better with an opportunity to save significant amounts of cash through cashback. Mobiles.co.uk SIM-only deals include a Vodafone SIM, unlimited texts and minutes and 20GB data. You can also get a Vodafone SIM, with unlimited text, minutes and 40 GB data and a Vodafone SIM, 50GB data and unlimited texts and minutes.

Vodafone SIM-only Deal

This SIM offers a 12 month deal with unlimited texts and calls and 18 GB data at only £19 per month. This data provides an extraordinary amount of video streaming and downloading for less than £21 in a month. This deal is only for the network newbies where they can get 20GB data and unlimited texts and calls. It offers a one year contract for newbies and a 6GB data plus unlimited texts and calls per month for ordinary users. This makes it perfect for individuals who like video downloading and streaming. Vodafone also offers its users with flexible upgrades, an option to roam in more than 45 countries and a Vodafone secure net.


O2 is the best 1GB SIM-only plan with a one year deal and 5000 unlimited texts and minutes for only £7 per month after the cashback. It is not cheap compared to other SIM deals that provide a fiver monthly tariff. But if you are looking for a SIM deal that is a little bit more known and includes essential rewards, then, O2 SIM plan is the best for you. The main reason as to why it provides a £7 monthly plan is due to its £96 cashback that you are required to claim in several instalments throughout your one year contract.

Sky Mobile SIM only Deals

If you are already a Sky Mobile SIM’s client either for home or TV broadband, the firm has various options of SIM-only plans for its existing clients who double or even quadruple their data in a month. The current Sky Mobile SIM-only deals include a Sky SIM, 2GB data, unlimited texts, and calls. It also offers a Sky Mobile SIM with unlimited text, calls and 4GB data monthly for existing clients only. If you have a Sky SIM-only plan, your data deal rolls over which means any data that is unused is transferred into your next billing period. Also, you will have an advantage of unlimited texts and calls for 6 months.


It is the best SIM-only plan for unlimited data. It offers no contract with unlimited calls, unlimited texts, and all usable data for £25 per month. The all usable data include the Constant Spotify tunes, Netflix Marathons and Epic Pokémon Go Quests that is suitable for serious phone users who are not worried about the proxy factors such as Wi-Fi or data allowances. The SIM provides the best allowance of the internet data, unlimited texts, and unlimited calls.


EE offers an excellent SIM-Only deal, a twelve-month contract, 40 GB data, unlimited texts and calls for £25 per month. It’s a SIM network that regularly provides stiff competition to other SIM-only deals. For only £25 each month, you can comfortably get 40GB of data, unlimited texts, and calls. This data is just enough for video downloading and streaming.

It is also enough for social media scrolling and Netflix binges along the journeys. Since you will be using one of the fastest 4G networks in the UK, you will be able to carry out all your online activities comfortably and luxuriantly. EE current deals include an EE SIM, 20 GB data, unlimited texts and calls, and EE SIM, 40GB data, unlimited texts, and calls.