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Best SIM Deals This Month

The easy option is to get a new phone on a contract but paying for the phone upfront plus getting a contract that is SIM-only makes better financial sense. Here is a summary of the best SIM deals in the United Kingdom:

Which SIM-Only Tariff That Suits You?

Unlike smartphone contracts, which usually stretch to years, SIM-only deals are shorter. Most of the SIM-only deals come with one-year contracts, but you can get rolling monthly contracts as well (sometimes at the same rate or only some pounds more expensive) ideal for those visiting the United Kingdom.

The monthly price will largely depend on the number of texts and minutes you require plus how much data you need. You will also have to decide whether you’ll need 4G or 3G data plus whether you will use your SIM on a tablet (in this case, you will need data only) or a smartphone (in this case you will require data, texts and minutes). It is worth noting that most of the operators do not allow you to just take the SIM out of your mobile phone and into your tablet. Also, they of often frown upon tethering.

Although 4G is much faster compared to 3G connectivity, fourth generation data can sometimes be more expensive compared to 3G data. But, just because your tablet or phone might support 4G, it does not mean you should take advantage of the connectivity if you will end up saving money when you decide not to. However, some carriers often charge equal amount for 4G and 3G data.

Deciding the best SIM-only phone deal is tricky because of the immense number of combination of data, texts and minutes available. But, many people fall into one of these three camps: people glued to their smartphone permanently, those who use apps and maybe watch the odd video and those who just want to text or make the odd call. Simply put, heavy, moderate and light users.

SIM Deals Ideal for Light Use

If you are planning to use your SIM for only light use, there are plans for just 5 pounds per month available. You can consider iD, mobile network from Carphone Warehouse. All contracts of iD offer data rollover, a bill capping plus Roam like at Home, which makes it an even more attractive option without any nasty surprise. A great choice for light users is iD’s 1 GB option, which offers 1-gigabyte data, unlimited texts, 500 minutes, 4G at 5 pounds per month.

Moderate Use Sim Card Deals

For moderate data users, iD has a Limited Time Deal, which includes 4GB data, unlimited texts, 500 minutes on a 4G at 8 pounds per month. Three also offers a great moderate SIM-only deal; with just 10 pounds per month, you will get unlimited texts, unlimited minutes and 4GB data on a 4G for 1 year. However, it’s an Essential plan, which means that you will not get the capability of using your data worldwide, personal hotspot allowance or even the exciting Go Binge feature that allows you to use music and TV streaming services without using your data allowance.

SIM Deals Ideal for Heavy Use

For those who need the freedom to use the internet and text without limitation, Three has an offer for 30 gigabytes of data, unlimited texts, unlimited minutes, 4G at 20 pounds per month. Also, three offers an option for 12GB at 15 pounds.

Plans for Table (Data SIMs)

You cannot just take your SIM out of your mobile phone and put it your tablet. Instead, you should look for a SIM that is using a data-only plan (remember that some tablets don’t offer SIM-card slots, so you will only connect to WiFi).

The amount of data you need depends on the activities you are intending to use on your tablet, and whether you will spend some of your time within a Wi-Fi hotspot range. If you need a SIM for covering you on the occasion that is odd when you use your tablet when away from home and want to continue accessing your email, then you certainly do not need to pay an extra amount for a 4G plan. Three offers a good SIM-only deal for tablets: 20GB for 15 pounds per month, 2GB for 8 pounds per month and 1GB for 7.50 pounds per month.