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    SIM-Only Plans

    SIM only plans offer freedom to shop around and compare the best deals available in the market.

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SIM Only Benefits

SIM Only Benefits

SIM only is the best deal so far in 2018. It’s a mobile platform that allows one to call, send a message and use data on monthly charges. You don’t have to sign to that lengthy two-year contract, in fact, no need to enter into any contract. Although the plan doesn’t come with a phone, it will help you save money and gives you excellent flexibility. It’s the best deal if you want to experience SIM free phone and value for your data, minutes and texts.
Not fully convinced? Check out the following reasons why you need to switch to SIM only tariff.

SIM only is flexible

This is the best choice for people who suffer from commitment phobia. With sim only, one doesn’t incur the cost of the phone since its contracts are shorter and offer more freedom. It’s a deal that can offer you a 30-day contract on renewal terms which allows you to renew after every month and you call it a quit any day any time. Furthermore, you can shift from one tariff to another depending on your requirements.

Freedom of shopping around

SIM only gives one freedom to shop around and compare the deals available in the market since it is based on short-term contracts. Sometimes you may run out of data, minutes or texts, with this plan you just pluck out the sim card and put in a new one. So easy, right?

SIM only is cheaper

SIM only is pocket-friendly thus it is affordable and preferred by lots of people. One does not incur costs for the handset, just the tariff, and the sim card. Compared with contract, the amount of data and minutes used in a SIM only tariff is less although in both plans you need to have a handset to pluck in the sim card. With the two-year contract, at the end of the month you will have to pay for the phone, an extra cost, right?

SIM only starts at £20 for 3GB and 2GB Singtel Wi-Fi. In addition, with this plan, you only pay for what you need. If you just need to use SMS, at£5.35 you are given 1200 texts in a month, £10.70 gives you 2400 messages and for you to get that package of limitless SMS you just have to pay £16.05.

Singtel’s starter package comes with unpaid incoming calls, texts, and 5GB at a price of £20 monthly. Regardless of one not signing up for texts pack, one can send texts at £0.05 per an SMS. Moreover, if along the month you find the data is insufficient, you can purchase extra at £5.35 per 1GB. Very cheap and fair! In most cases, the starter pack comes along with £ 20, 200 minutes at £5.35 and 1200 messages at £5.35, all costing £30.70.

Doesn’t lose your current phone number

At the end of the plan, you will remain with your existing phone number. This makes this plan easy, safe and secure. The procedure to retain your original mobile number is easy to follow. One simply calls the existing network providers to find Port Authorisation Code (PAC) then once you get the new sim card contact the current network, state the temporary number in the new sim card, your original mobile number, and PAC. The process is fast, and one is sorted out within a blink of an eye.
SIM only is convenient for users.

This tariff is handy since you can use the minutes, data and texts when you are in need unlike the pay as you go tariff where one purchase when they need to use. Although the pay as you go plan is quite affordable, it is pretty inconveniencing since you may be in need and not have the money to pay for the service.
Offers you opportunities for upgrading your handset.

Who doesn’t like getting that latest phone in the market? Every person wants to be always on top of the game when it comes to mobile phones. To achieve this, you need a short-term plan for your mobile services and definitely, that happens to be SIM only plan. With this tariff, one can purchase any phone they want in the industry without having to forgo their signed contract.
Dual sim power.

With dual sim phones, you can use two sim cards in the same handset thus very convenient for individuals who have different sim cards for various uses. One may require one sim card for personal uses and another for official duties. SIM only will you give that freedom. The dual smartphones are mostly found in China and America and less in the UK.

SIM only is the route for you since at the end of your mobile contract, you will just visit the SIMO for an upgrade rather than the usual way of calling your network or receiving countless phone calls which are mostly hectic. The plan offers many benefits which make it be the most preferred mobile plan by many people. It helps you save and gives you the convenience you will get nowhere.


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